Robert and Violetta got married today @ Little White Chapel in Las Vegas.  They decided to pass on the photos taken @ the chapel and hire me to do their photo shoot instead.  We would do the Bellagio-Ceasars Palace-Venetian run, a run that I have never completed with a couple because usually by the time we get to Ceasars Palace, the groom (so far it’s always been the groom, lol) can not believe how many photos are going to be taken, lol!

They arrived all decked out in a tuxedo and this little bubble dress that Violetta had made herself that just looked fabulous.  I met them right inside of Bellagio and we headed on back to the area where the Bellagio wedding chapel was actually located because there was a really nice area to shoot there, just hoping security would not catch on.  FYI, it is frowned upon by all hotels to have professional photographers taking photos their locations.  It’s a long debate and it’s not only in Las Vegas, it’s pretty much everywhere I’ve lived and worked as a photographer.  In any case, we did get the photographs I wanted to take as seen below:

Where was I?  Oh, I found out that they had made an agreement regarding wedding photos, that the entire session would be done in 3 hours.  Bellagio/Ceasars/Venetian and everything else in between?!?  I wasn’t too sure about the time frame – plus the fact that they also added a shoot in front of the Vegas Sign and in front of the Luxor, LOL!

We did actually make it near the end, almost without a hitch, but it was such a tiny hitch that I was actually really proud of both of them for being able to hang in there. .  I knew the heat would get to them as they were originally from Chicago.  It pretty much hit them right when we got outside of Bellagio.  In any case, more photos will be added later today today (it’s 1:17am here on the west coast).  I know I say this a lot but I guess I’m lucky but Violetta and Robert were a great couple to work with and I wish them nothing but the best!

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