There are times in your life when you wish you could start over, I experienced one of those moments yesterday with Natalie and Scott.   It was @ the Heart Attack Grill down in Fremont Street….and it wasn’t even the milkshake I had that was made out of lard I think topped off with a lard of square butter, it was the fact I didn’t get audio of the conversation I had with Natalie and Scott of how they met, and how they have been inseparable for almost 4 years now.  If you watched the photo montage above, you would’ve heard Natalie go on for about 8 seconds and Scott go for about 20 seconds about one another, but man when they told me their story while we we eating, I was thinking to myself, that’s a pretty awesome story they both had.

I will summarize it by saying they met @ a Finish Line line where at the time Scott was a manager and Natalie walked in for a shoe fitting that lasted almost 3 hours.  As she left because she was killing time those three hours waiting for her friend who she had to pick up at the airport, he gave her his number, they went their separate ways until she called him later on that evening, and they’ve been together ever since.  Is that a super long run-on sentence?

In any case, if you had heard the two of them talk, you too would’ve said “Awwwww” as they told how things went from there (I did not say “Awwwww” out loud because I am a man)….spending Halloween together, how Scott’s family just accepted her unconditionally, how they seem to love their French bulldog Zeus as much as I love Jovi and Chauncy (that’s impossible!)

In this day and age, four years seems like an eternity, but not with these two, at least from what I see.  Its really nice to see a young couple in love :)

Hoping Natalie and Scott continue to have an amazing life together….

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