We have Bella staying with us tonight.  Her family dropped her off about an hour and a half before the Redskins played the Cowboys for the NFC Championship ’12.  Took her for a walk with Jovi and Chauncy, when we got back to my place, she seemed a little timid which is normal.  Within a half hour, she’s running around chasing Chauncy, LOL!  Then all three of them spent time on the chaise lounge barking at people/dogs walking by.

She sat with us on the bed through-out the entire game (we took a short walk during halftime), and I think I may have scared her a little when I screamed as Rob Jackson intercepted Tony Romo’s pass when Dallas was driving down the field hoping to take the lead with less than 3 minutes left.

Anycase, overall she seems to be enjoying her stay here, and she makes a wonderful model, not at all shy!

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