I did Kevin’s and Jessica’s engagement photos about a year ago I think and I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding.  The wedding and reception was entirely in spanish, and though my last name is Perez, I hardly speak a word of it.  The videographer that was working the wedding/reception didn’t speak it either, so for the first time in a while, I was a little nervous during the ceremony as I didn’t know what the minister was saying, LOL!  It turned out to be ok, I ended up bugging several people during the ceremony to let me know when/what was going on.

Jessica was absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown, and if I were into guys, I think I would’ve been into Kevin!  Ha, just kidding!  The bridal party was great and overall, the wedding/ceremony went off without a hitch.  Congrats to both of them :)… will be added to this posting as I get to them!