I was waiting @ the Las Vegas Sign with Elvis (yes Elvis is alive and comes in many shapes and colors!) when we both saw a bride and groom all dolled up walking towards us.  The first thing both Elvis and I thought was “No way could this be Jackie and Dustin”, as we were expecting a couple in t-shirts and shorts.  But in fact it was Jackie and Dustin!  We were stoked, at least I was because when a bride and groom dress up for their renewal, they’re alway fun to shoot!!!  Both of them really enjoyed the renewal ceremony and I got to take a ton of photos of them including with Mario and Luigi and even Jack Sparrow!  What I loved about them was they were so laid back and were up for trying anything, and I even got them @ the fountain @ The Forom Shops @ Caesars Palace (you’ll see in the photos below!  They were a great fun couple to work with :)

As always, additional photos will be uploaded daily as they are completed.  Enjoy!

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