I just started my business page back up for my photography business on Facebook.  I had taken it down a year ago because I was actually thinking of moving into a different field, but instead decided to tackle both fields.

Thought I would drive some traffic to it by advertising, but I guess the monitors at Facebook thought the current images I have up are too pornographic and sent me the below rejection email, LOL!

I suppose the girls I do take photos of could wear just a tiny bit more clothing :)

MichaelMPerez.com Photography

On the 18th of this month (October 2012), I scheduled to do a couples shoot with Angela Wyman and Steve Moorman.  Angela is an actress, singer and dancer that can be seen on advertising for Gold Gate Casino in downtown Las Vegas.  Steve is a professional poker player who’s the tallest person I’ve met thus far here in Vegas.  Due to the sun setting way earlier than I thought, most of the images we got were in the evening though they were great nontheless!

The setting we ended up choosing was the Smith Center of the Performing Arts, which is located in downtown Las Vegas as well.  Unfortunately the evening we did the session, they were having an event in the little cubby hole @ the center of the Smith Center where I really wanted to photograph the two of them.  We ended up getting images around the facility which is very nice as well, then ended our session in front of the Gold Gate Casino.

Extremely nice couple :)  Hope you all like the photos!