Covered the first show of Los Exitos @ the South Padre Room @ Texas Station Hotel Casino.  Los Exitos is a Latin Acoustic Trio (Juan Carlos Acosta, Manuel Enrique Duarte and Shaun Flannery). Great sounding group.  You should definitely check them out.  They’re at the South Padre Room every Sunday night.  Click here to see their Facebook page.  Below are videos and photos I took that evening.  I’ll probably be back a few more times and for those of you that know me I hate going out so they must be that good to make me want to leave my dogs! Photography

Got a call from Jennifer Lai who is the CEO of Massive Enterprises.  They had a billboard image showing on the jumbotron @ Fashion Show Mall and needed someone to get images of it as well as the jumbotron itself.  Since I had been working on wedding images all morning, I thought I could take a break and take photos of it for them.  Below are some of the images taken.  Great company to work for!



Gracie Marie is a pug that I take care of once in a while :)  Her dad is in a band called Night Fever – Bee Gees Tribute Band that is coming from Canada to Las Vegas.  They did a special performance @ Texas Station yesterday and I was asked to photograph the band.  I’m a huge Bee Gees fan so I was stoked!  What was surprising to me was the venue was completely packed (I’m not the only Bee Gee’s Fan in Las Vegas!), and this was not some small ballroom!

In any case, Gracie Marie should be proud of her dad, because Barry Gibb (aka John Acosta) freaking rocked as well as the rest of the band!   The crowd absolutely loved them and it brought back a lot of memories :)  A ton of photos below :)  Video will be added below photos after it finishes uploading, but I want to apologize in advance for the quality of the video as I was not allowed to shoot with my Sony NEX-VG900 and was approved for only a handheld (Kodak Playsport – I wish I had just used my iPhone instead too).

Night Fever – Bee Gees Tribute Band – April 19, 2013 from Michael Perez on Vimeo.