Last week was a really really busy week for me.  Had two extra pups in the house, had to cover and shoot Miss and Mr Little Nevada while Toddlers and Tiaras from TLC was filming, then of course AVN was in town this past weekend and shot the awards show and then did two private shoots with some female adult actresses.  Oh and I took photos of burgers and other entree’s at a new food joint.  It’s funny because all the images I took for all the events are not “postable”, meaning I do not have permission to post the items.  But they eventually will be posted by various venues and I definitely got paid!

What else?  Oh I added live video to, so now when I’m anywhere with dogs I’m taking care of, I can send the owner a live video feed if they want me to :)   That’s pretty cool, I think.

The video below is just a BTS clip @ the Miss and Mr Little Nevada where for some reason, a shirtless man was walking around, LOL!

Ok, time to edit a ton more photos.  Have a great week everyone!



I just started my business page back up for my photography business on Facebook.  I had taken it down a year ago because I was actually thinking of moving into a different field, but instead decided to tackle both fields.

Thought I would drive some traffic to it by advertising, but I guess the monitors at Facebook thought the current images I have up are too pornographic and sent me the below rejection email, LOL!

I suppose the girls I do take photos of could wear just a tiny bit more clothing :) Photography

My mind is really going, lmao!  I did a photo shoot with a family at a park in mid-November 2012, bur for the life of me I can not remember their names! Their little boy (I will call him Giuseppe – I’m 100% sure that’s not his name as I would never forget anyone named that) was cute though, but always wanted to sit on a big boulder.  So here are a few images of him and a boulder, and one with his mom and dad :)

OMG, Zeus is awesome!  I wish I had the whole day to shoot with him, but he like me could not stand the weather (there is a photo of him in the set below where he’s hiding from the sun/heat..poor guy).  Anyways, loved taking photos of him!  Oh and his humans were there too so I had to get photos of them with him.  Best 20-25 minutes I’ve had in a while at 9am in the morning.  It was scalding hot, unbearably bright (stuck a 0.9 and 0.6 n/d filters on my camera) but it was great because of Zeus!!!!  Hope to be able to shoot you again little buddy!!!!

If you’re looking to get photos of your fluffy pal, just click on Photography on my navigation and click on Kiddie Portraits to find out more on the package (just replace kids with dog :D)