So yesterday, I posted about 30+ variations of one photo of Corrine.   Here are the other images taken (there are a ton more but I won’t be able to finish them all today as I’m about to head to LA).  Her mom Sharon is a hoot, and again it was great working with Corrine.  More images later this week!  Have a great day everyone!

I went to Springs Preserves today to do a Senior Session with Corrine.  Very pretty girl.  She plays the violin and also is a lacrosse player.  As always, mother nature didn’t make it easy on me as it was cold and windy.  Yes, it’s normally windy in Vegas, but it was super windy when Corrine and her mom arrived @ Springs Preserve.  As her mom is from the Philippines, to save from having to pay the fee for professional photos being taken at the location, I became her uncle for the next two hours.

Her mom had shown me what type of images Corrine was looking for and it wouldn’t be difficult to replicate.  Corrine did great and I think we got some great photos.  I decided just to do a ton of versions of one photo for Corrine and her mom so they could see the different styles I could do.  I can actually do over 100+ but got tired after 34 😀

So here are the 34 different versions of one photo of Corrine.


I just started my business page back up for my photography business on Facebook.  I had taken it down a year ago because I was actually thinking of moving into a different field, but instead decided to tackle both fields.

Thought I would drive some traffic to it by advertising, but I guess the monitors at Facebook thought the current images I have up are too pornographic and sent me the below rejection email, LOL!

I suppose the girls I do take photos of could wear just a tiny bit more clothing :) Photography