Rob Lauer is a Douche Bag

Douche Bag is the first thing to come to mind when I think of Rob Lauer, owner of…..I’m not even going to name the damn company he owns because he’s a Dick.

But I will tell you Douche owns a company that makes these bullet proof vests, and also Dick make shields that supposedly protect purses, etc…..but you’ll see in the bottom video on this page that it failed, meaning the 9mm that was fired at it penetrated (it went all the way through) the shield.  Pretty crappy huh?

Anyways, about 3-4 days ago as a favor to a friend, I did the video below for Douche/Dick.  Boy was he a Dick/Douche to work with.

What he said stated in the beginning was he wanted video footage and that it was going to take me longer to set up my equipment then to get the video he wanted. He also said he only wanted a couple of photos of Lisa with the vest on. Of course I knew it was going to take longer (almost 2 hours (it took me 10 minutes to set up), but because Lisa is a friend, I did it.

Afterwards, it was pull photos from video (20-30), edit the photos, splice the video over 12 times…mind you, I gave him my 15 minute rate of $100, even before the post work I had already gone about 2 hours. Long story short (hey someone always says that), what Douche/Dick needs first and foremost is to take a class on communicating effectively with people because he doesn’t. Second, I’m sure his wife/girlfriend is ugly (I feel sorry for that chick or guy if she’s/he’s with him).

The final product I ended up giving him had fart sounds embedded, LMAO!  He never said I couldn’t embed fart sounds! At the end of the second video, I slowed it down to 25% so you can hear sounds like Jabba the Hut..fitting…

Enjoy the videos!



Gracie Marie is a pug that I take care of once in a while :)  Her dad is in a band called Night Fever – Bee Gees Tribute Band that is coming from Canada to Las Vegas.  They did a special performance @ Texas Station yesterday and I was asked to photograph the band.  I’m a huge Bee Gees fan so I was stoked!  What was surprising to me was the venue was completely packed (I’m not the only Bee Gee’s Fan in Las Vegas!), and this was not some small ballroom!

In any case, Gracie Marie should be proud of her dad, because Barry Gibb (aka John Acosta) freaking rocked as well as the rest of the band!   The crowd absolutely loved them and it brought back a lot of memories :)  A ton of photos below :)  Video will be added below photos after it finishes uploading, but I want to apologize in advance for the quality of the video as I was not allowed to shoot with my Sony NEX-VG900 and was approved for only a handheld (Kodak Playsport – I wish I had just used my iPhone instead too).

Night Fever – Bee Gees Tribute Band – April 19, 2013 from Michael Perez on Vimeo.

Man do I miss watching lacrosse!  Growing up in Maryland, I was in the hot-bed of Lacrosse country and got to watch the Terps play, as well as several John Hopkins games each year.  Here in Vegas, not so much lacrosse, but from what I hear from Sharon and Corrine Gross, it’s steadily growing, and the fact that they hosted a tournament (it was huge!) here I guess proves them right.  The only person I knew that was playing was Corrine, so most of the photos are of her but she is also the best player on her team.  I hope no one who plays on the team reads this, I just have watch lacrosse for 20-30 years and can tell who has talent and who doesn’t.  It’s not to say the other players on her team don’t have talent.  I’ll just stop right here and say enjoy the photos below: