Been grilling a lot lately, thanks to the guys @ BBQ Pit Boys. Today’s video is grilling tri tip steak. I drop one of them on the ground when I first put them on the grill which is pretty funny. Still ate it though! It was good!

So if you want to know how to grill tri tip steak on a grill perfectly even when it’s fallen on the ground, watch this video. In the end you see me eat the whole entire thing in about 18 seconds flat!

Wow, though I haven’t worked with Ysania in about 2 years, she’s still hot as ever!  This was a rather quick shoot, she just wanted some photos of herself to put up on Facebook.  I ended up using her for my Facebook cover photo as well.  Still one of the nicest models I’ve ever worked with.  Hope you all like the photos, I’ll post more some time after the new year when I’ve caught up with all the weddings/photo shoots, etc.

Have a wonderful 2013!