Rhianna is a dog I helped rescue with a bunch of volunteers. She along with two other pits were left to fend for themselves at an abandoned home in North Las Vegas. She arrived at Animal Foundation with open wounds and scars. When we got her at Animal Foundation, she was still heavily scarred. The foster we had planned to have her stay at flaked, so Tammy took her for a few days and then we placed her in boarding while we figured out what what to do. I really wanted her in my home so I could monitor her recovery, so that’s what ended up happening, I just took her :), like I did with Louisa, Pepper and Mondo.

Unfortunately, when she got out of boarding, she had kennel cough. So we had to deal with that prior to her going to adoptions. This also prevented me to socialize her with other dogs. Eventually she got over her kennel cough and was cleared by Dr. Goldman on the 9th of January so she went to her first adoption event yesterday. As with most dogs, she didn’t handle the environment that well with an new handler but I knew eventually I would be handling her and she started to calm down. For the rest of the time I get to spend with her, I’ll be working on socializing her. Today for a bit she was with small dogs, but I have yet to have her be around big dogs, minus them walking by her while she’s in a crate (crate training).

Rhianna is a wonderful dog, absolutely loves people and her tail never stops wagging. I can’t thank all the wonderful people enough that helped rescue Rhianna.

Her adoption fee is $150.00. If you’re wondering why that amount, it covers pull fees from Animal Foundation, rabies/bordetella/dhlp shots, microchipping her so if she’s lost and also for a while she was on anitbiotics and getting her meds for kennel cough.

If you’re interested in adopting Rhianna, she is available through AnimalNetwork-LV.com, a wonderful rescue in Las Vegas that I volunteer at. You can contact me directly though if you’re interested in meeting her. Before and after photos of Rhianna are below. The photo (not taken by me) on the left is what she looked like when she was picked up by Animal Control and dropped off at Animal Foundation and on the right (taken by Brooke O’Gara) is what she looked like at adoptions yesterday :)  So you can see how well she’s recovered.



My followup interview with Fox 19 TV News regarding Bela.  Dog has since been moved to Best Friends in Utah :)  (yes I filmed the video below with my phone LOL!)