He is fast, professional, funny and the pictures that I’ve seen so far are stellar!!! He got so many candid photos that I didn’t even realize he was taking and best of all, he is so fast and made the photo taking feel fun, not like a burden. Would recommend him to anyone!!! – Isabella Wright, Las Vegas, NV 10/05/13


Michael’s photography for my wedding was simply amazing! He is a very fun and professional individual and not to mention very talented. His extensive experience makes his work unique and distinctive. Michael also did my engagement photos which were simply stunning. The day of my wedding, Michael ensured that every moment was captured in my photos. He had a lot of patience with me and was very attentive. He asked me for our opinions and suggestions which was very important to my husband and I. Michael communicated a lot with us throughout our wedding day and guaranteed that all our ideas were used. I simply fell in love with all the pictures! I had such a great time taking our photos with Michael. I cannot express enough how pleased we are with the quality of my pictures. I am so glad I chose Michael to be part of the most important day of my life. Michael takes his time to make every single picture looks breathtaking. The poses for every picture were so unique. Michael knows how to position everybody in the pictures to make every single picture stunning. He will definitely be my family photographer in the future. I absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for affordable and professional quality photography. I can’t wait to work with him again! – Jessica Ortega, Las Vegas, NV  06/11/13 Photography - Jessica and Kevin

We hired Michael to shoot our 5 year wedding anniversary vow renewel in vegas on May 16th 2013. First , I cannot thank him enough for all his help actually planning the event with us. He suggested instead of spending hundreds of dollars at a Vegas chapel, to hire an elvis to meet us at the famous vegas sign for the ceremony. He even provided us with the contact info for the Elvis we used (who BTW was also great!). He was continuously responsive with updates and info which made us feel comfortable planning so many details so far away from home (and having never been to vegas). He was on time, friendly, and fun! It was so important for us that our photographer “got us” and Michael really did, and it showed in the AMAZING pics he took. I cannot recommend Michael enough for any photos you might want to have done in the vegas area. He provides all pics in digital form (which people make you pay extra for…they did at our first wedding!) in color and black and white, as well as a video montage, AND even provides a letter releasing the copy right for you. There are no words how great a deal and experience we received from Michael and should we ever require services again in vegas, he is the only one we would use.  Thanks Michael!!!!!!!  ~ Jackie Denasi, Drexel Hill, PA – 06/02/13 Photography

megan renae greatest photog

He was my brother’s wedding photographer on May 18, 2013. I just saw the photos that he took from the wedding and he captured the images of that day with personality and helped to relive the day. It totally captures the moment. Beside the photos he took, Michael is very personable that he is so easy to talk to …when I saw him at the wedding taking pictures, I thought he was my brother’s old friend from highschool LOL. Anyway, you have to check out his work on his site!!! He even blogs on his website!!! I love love the pictures!!! Thanks Michael =) ~ Jing Foronda, Bay City, CA – 05/23/13 Photography

Great web designer. Very quick and always get back to you right away. Super nice. Made the site up and running within a few days. Makes it exactly how you want. I highly recomend him and will use him again for any future work for sure!    A+ Thanks again! ~ Cami Spiegel, Mesa, AZ

I hired Michael to take pictures of my wedding at Calico Basin at Red Rocks on November 17th, 2012. From beginning to end Michael was professional and highly communicative during the planning process. Any questions I had, no matter how miniscule, were answered in a timely fashion. Communication up to the event increased as they day drew near and he made sure to check back in with me to make sure I didn’t have any last minute questions. The night before the wedding at 10pm, I sent him a text telling him that I was now to arrive in a classic car and could he possibly get shots of me coming in. Not only did he get back to me at this extremely late hour with a prompt response, he was out front on the road ready to go when I finally did arrive. He also showed up an hour early to scout the location so we could get the best pictures possible. His interaction with my family was splendid and the event went off without a hitch. My images arrived via USPS less than a week after my event. His images  were very beautiful and I’ll enjoy them for many years to come. I really enjoyed working with Michael and will definitely use his services for any future life events that may arise. ~ Debony and Max, Atlanta, GA Photography

Michael photographed our wedding in November and we loved him and his work! Our pics are amazing, I couldn’t be happier with them. He was a lot of fun to work with, had great ideas and just made us laugh; we had a great time with him. Mike sent us our pics via email within days and our final CD within the week. I can’t say enough how much we loved our pics; I wish we could do it all over again just to take more. ~ Tracy and Rafael, Las Vegas, NV

It was honestly such a great experience working with Michael M. Perez. He is such a professional and experienced photographer. My Fiance and I were a little nervous about our engagement pictures because it was our first photo shoot ever but Michael made our photo session so fun and comfortable! My pictures came out stunning. He really paid attention to every detail from my expectations to the lighting for every single picture. I appreciated how he took his time to make sure every shot was simply perfect. I am a very picky person and I have to admit that Michael’s work was remarkable. I really like how Michael strives to make sure you truly love your pictures! I would strongly recommend him to everyone and anyone who is looking for professional and amazing pictures! I am very sure that you will be more than pleased with his work…. I know I am! :) ~ Jessica and Kevin, Las Vegas, NV Photography - Engagement Photography

Michael took our engagement pictures. He made us feel comfortable and we had a great time once we loosened up a bit. The pictures came out great and we got a lot of great candid shots which I love! I definately recommend him! ~ Natalie and Scott- Las Vegas, NV Photography - Engagement/Couples (aka Save the Date) Photography

Michael is an amazing photographer, very talented and full of ideas. He was shooting our wedding in Las Vegas and exceeded our expectations with his energy and resistance to heat. It was 107F when we were shooting. We had such a fun time working with him. Michael has a great personality and sense of humor. We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional, creative and fun photographer. Thanks Michael for making our day even more special. The photographs are absolutely beautiful and made us look fantastic.  :) ~ Violetta and Robert- Los Angeles Photography - Wedding Photography


Hey thanks for really making me feel at ease during my first real photo shoot and creating my comp card for me by the time I was ready to leave.  Good stuff!  ~ Tony Foxx, Las Vegas, NV Photography - Composite Card

We got married in Las Vegas and Michael was our photographer for our wedding.  He was recommended to me by a friend, other than that, it was literally me just praying that he would just take decent photos.  On the day of our wedding, he arrived very early and that made me more relaxed.  He was wonderful to work with and when we got our photos, they were absolutely incredible.  We received them about a month afterwards, and he edited them so beautifully.  He is very patient, I just found out from looking at his site that he shoots a lot of models which I guess gave him patience.  He posed both my husband and I amazing well and also got those images that you hope to catch without being posed.  Get him to do your photographs, whatever it’s for, you won’t regret it! ~ Eve DeMouy, Pensacola, Florida

Michael is great to work with, he knows what looks good and gets it on camera, but he also takes your suggestions as well.  He was actually our wedding phtoographer.  Later on, we worked again as I modeled.  I’ve loved working with him over the years. ~Cristina Nelutescu, Sacramento, CA and Las Vegas, CA

Michael Perez was referred to me by a colleague for my engagement as well as wedding photos.  I could not have been more thrilled with the results, I get continual compliments on our photos.  The plus side of working with Michael Perez was he listened to our input and viewed sample photos I was hoping to capture.  He not only captured my vision but far exceeding my expectations with his unique and artistic approach.  He made my husband and I feel extremely comfortable which made the experience so much greater.   He had a prompt turn around time for not only the proofs but our actual album as well.  I would recommend him without hesitation. ~ Lisa King, Las Vegas, NV Photography - Wedding Photography

Words can not express how happy we are with the photos that Michael took at our wedding.  He is awesome and we absolutely love our photos! ~ Jessica Myers, Denver, CO

Jamie Eason

Michael was wonderful to work with. He made me feel at ease during our photo shoot session together by always making me laugh. He is fun to work with and knows what angles are best for the perfect shot.  I loved the images I received from our photo shoot so much that I also have him doing my wedding in September!!!! Michael is a talented photographer, who is a pleasure to work with, and very professional.  I highly recommend him for your photography needs! ~ Emily Curry, Las Vegas, NV

I highly recommend Michael Perez as a photographer. He’s very professional and easy to work with.  He made me feel very comfortable and as a model that’s always a plus! He knows what looks good and gives great direction. He is so fast and efficient. I shot with him a couple months ago and within hours after the shoot the edits were ready.  If you are looking for a fast, professional, quality photographer, you should definitely work with Michael. ~ Nikita Smith, Las Vegas, NV

Model: Nikita Smith | Muah: Ashley Ferguson

I’ve worked with Michael on plenty of photo shoots as the makeup artist and/or hair stylist. He perfects his craft- he knows which shots he wants when he shoots, and he gets them. Every time we’ve worked together I always receive my images on a cd within a few business days, if not that day. Highly recommended, he is definitely my go-to photographer and videographer. ~ Ashley Ferguson, Las Vegas, NV

Michael M Perez is a very talented photographer. Hes worked with dozens and dozens of beautiful models, and thats why i was so excited to shoot with him. I’ve known him for 2 years now, 4 photo shoots later, and we remain best friends because hes so awesome!!! I highly recommend him. Good day! ~ Brenae Danielle, Las Vegas, NV


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    Michael photographed our wedding in November and we loved him and his work! Our pics are amazing, I couldn’t be happier with them. He was a lot of fun to work with, had great ideas and just made us laugh; we had a great time with him. Mike sent us our pics via email within days and our final CD within the week. I can’t say enough how much we loved our pics; I wish we could do it all over again just to take more.

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