Chauncy Ponsy Perez

So I had a little free time today and decided I would annihilate both my dogs on video!  It’s always great to have them around but especially when I want to blow stuff up! Neither one of them were actually hurt making these videos, if anything they got treats for just sitting where they normally sit.  These are actual videos.  Jovi video looks like I just took a photo of him and then layered the destruction on top but he always sits still when I have a camera pointing at him.  I think he thinks I’m a bear, and if he doesn’t move, I won’t know he’s there.  You can see Chauncy’s head moving in his video, but he sits still too when I have a camera pointed at him.

Took about 30 seconds total. Happy holidays everyone!

LOL, so did an indoor shoot for the first time in a long time but before I even got started, I took photos of Jovi and Chauncy to test the lighting (fyi, i wanted to shoot high key). These two are the biggest hams! I just point the camera at them and they look right at it. I guess they’re used to it and know that I won’t stop until I get my photos so they just stare when I lift my camera. Love these guys!