Megan Cousins

Back in the day, it was much easier to keep my web site up to date, but lately I’ve been traveling to LA for family, weddings, engagements and models to shoot I haven’t had time. I actually couldn’t remember when I did this set with Megan, but I just happen to say the date on the BTS Video seen below (November 12, 2012). I’m still not done with the images so hopefully early next year I’ll get them all done. Enjoy and hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

What goes better with a hot girl than a hot car? We (really I) paired up Megan “Always Late to a Photo Shoot” Cousins with a few Ashton Martin automobiles. The final product, amazing if I do say so myself. There are other images in here including one of her and her friend Nikki in front of the Philippines Flag. Oh if there were girls like this in the Philippines when I went there for my senior year of high school, I would’ve never come back to the US. God Bless America!

What can I say about Megan Cousins? I met a bunch of squirrels waiting for her (there is even one of Alvin in the photo set) and in all honesty, she’s almost over the top good looking. You know when you see someone who’s so good looking you’re almost like, that’s gross?!? That’s what Megan is, so good looking it’s disgusting, LOL! Great to work with because she did whatever I asked her in regards to getting the photograph. Hopefully I’ll be working with her again soon. Enjoy the photos!