Photographer in Las Vegas

I just started my business page back up for my photography business on Facebook.  I had taken it down a year ago because I was actually thinking of moving into a different field, but instead decided to tackle both fields.

Thought I would drive some traffic to it by advertising, but I guess the monitors at Facebook thought the current images I have up are too pornographic and sent me the below rejection email, LOL!

I suppose the girls I do take photos of could wear just a tiny bit more clothing :) Photography


Tony Foxx

Tony Foxx is a parrot on a Pirate Ship, I mean he plays one at the Treasure Island boat show right outside of the hotel here in Vegas.  I have never seen a parrot as cut as he is though, LOL.  That long legged chick that’s holding the light above his head is literally twice as tall as he is, and her name is Sara Gayoso.  I like taking photos of her more than Tony but it was Tony’s time.

This will be my first posting for 2013.  As much as I like Tony, I’d rather be shooting models that look like Sara more than him.  Have a wonderful 2013 everyone!  Be safe and happy!

Click here for more information on working with me to build/update your modeling portfolio.

Wow, though I haven’t worked with Ysania in about 2 years, she’s still hot as ever!  This was a rather quick shoot, she just wanted some photos of herself to put up on Facebook.  I ended up using her for my Facebook cover photo as well.  Still one of the nicest models I’ve ever worked with.  Hope you all like the photos, I’ll post more some time after the new year when I’ve caught up with all the weddings/photo shoots, etc.

Have a wonderful 2013!


My mind is really going, lmao!  I did a photo shoot with a family at a park in mid-November 2012, bur for the life of me I can not remember their names! Their little boy (I will call him Giuseppe – I’m 100% sure that’s not his name as I would never forget anyone named that) was cute though, but always wanted to sit on a big boulder.  So here are a few images of him and a boulder, and one with his mom and dad :)