Here’s something funny. I ordered the trial version ($10.00) of Pimsleur Approach‘s Spanish to find out the difference between it and Rosetta Stone. When I got it, it was just repeating audio from a CD so I just decided to cancel it since there were so many options like this for free on the web. I wrote them an email at their customer service email and they said (of course) that they are not able to cancel an account via email and that I would have to call their customer service department in order to cancel it.

Called their customer service number @ 1-866-204-7139 and I knew I would have to listen to the rep try to sell me on why Pimsleur was better for an additional $64 a month for three additional months. I sat patiently and listened to his sales pitch and in the end informed him that I had Rosetta Stone and didn’t need to pay an additional $64 for something I wasn’t really going to use too much. His response in a rude tone was “Well, then you’re only going to be able to speak broken Spanish!”, to which I replied, “May you tell me how you say that last sentence you just said in Spanish?”. To which he responded “I’m not trying to learn Spanish sir, you are!”, which was fine but I nailed him.

Funny how he can tell me I’ll be speaking broken Spanish when he can’t even say that one simple sentence in Spanish…ok, neither can I but still, LOL! I don’t really know if Pimsleur Approach is good or not, I just know they have at least one really sucky customer service rep.

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