Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Care

Last week was a really really busy week for me.  Had two extra pups in the house, had to cover and shoot Miss and Mr Little Nevada while Toddlers and Tiaras from TLC was filming, then of course AVN was in town this past weekend and shot the awards show and then did two private shoots with some female adult actresses.  Oh and I took photos of burgers and other entree’s at a new food joint.  It’s funny because all the images I took for all the events are not “postable”, meaning I do not have permission to post the items.  But they eventually will be posted by various venues and I definitely got paid!

What else?  Oh I added live video to, so now when I’m anywhere with dogs I’m taking care of, I can send the owner a live video feed if they want me to :)   That’s pretty cool, I think.

The video below is just a BTS clip @ the Miss and Mr Little Nevada where for some reason, a shirtless man was walking around, LOL!

Ok, time to edit a ton more photos.  Have a great week everyone!



Here’s a short video I made on the fly back in July 2012, when Pig (that’s her real name!) was staying with us, I was probably bored so made this video of Jovi and her :)  That’s pretty much it.  Pig has come back to stay with us at least 2-3 times since then, and the magic always returns when she’s here with her and Jovi 😀



Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Boarding lets your pet walk around freely in our home. We also take them out early in the morning to a huge dog-park and they will get walked an additional 3-4 times each day. Our home provides a wonderful atmosphere with two very friendly playmates, Jovi (a Yorkshire Terrier) and Chauncy (a Yorkie/Maltese Mix) at very affordable prices where you can leave your little furry friend while you are out of town.

We also take photos and videos of them daily and either send them to your phone or your email so you can see what you’re furry friend is up to while he or she stays with us.

Get $10 off your first reservation by using promo code RUFFHOUSING @ Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Boarding! Please note @ Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Boarding, we only accept small to medium sized dogs (25lb maximum weight allowed) and they must be spayed/neutered and get along with other dogs. If your dogs are bigger than 25lbs, you can still find another pet boarder/sitter by clicking browse on the top of the web site @ Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Boarding and still get $10 off!

Visit Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Boarding for more details! Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Boarding is insured by Kennel Pro, the national leader in insurance for the Pet Sitting Industry.

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We have Bella staying with us tonight.  Her family dropped her off about an hour and a half before the Redskins played the Cowboys for the NFC Championship ’12.  Took her for a walk with Jovi and Chauncy, when we got back to my place, she seemed a little timid which is normal.  Within a half hour, she’s running around chasing Chauncy, LOL!  Then all three of them spent time on the chaise lounge barking at people/dogs walking by.

She sat with us on the bed through-out the entire game (we took a short walk during halftime), and I think I may have scared her a little when I screamed as Rob Jackson intercepted Tony Romo’s pass when Dallas was driving down the field hoping to take the lead with less than 3 minutes left.

Anycase, overall she seems to be enjoying her stay here, and she makes a wonderful model, not at all shy!

Don’t forget, if you’re from Las Vegas and need someone to take care of your furry friend during the day while you’re at work, or if you’re going on vacation and need overnight or multiply day/night care for your pup, or if you’re coming to Vegas and want someone to take care of your doggie, check us out at Ruff Housing Doggie Day and Overnight Care and get $10 off your first booking with us by using promo code: RUFFHOUSING