Tony Foxx


Tony Foxx

Tony Foxx is a parrot on a Pirate Ship, I mean he plays one at the Treasure Island boat show right outside of the hotel here in Vegas.  I have never seen a parrot as cut as he is though, LOL.  That long legged chick that’s holding the light above his head is literally twice as tall as he is, and her name is Sara Gayoso.  I like taking photos of her more than Tony but it was Tony’s time.

This will be my first posting for 2013.  As much as I like Tony, I’d rather be shooting models that look like Sara more than him.  Have a wonderful 2013 everyone!  Be safe and happy!

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This is the composite (comp card) that we came up with using the images taken from yesterday’s photo shoot.  For someone who had never done a photo shoot before, he got good really quick, or he’s just good looking (like me :D).  In any case, great person to work with, sorry about the slight venting on my previous post.  All other images taken from shoot are below.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Greatest and weird!  Let me start from the beginning.  Last night, I somehow left my keys in my friend’s car but was able to get into my house without them and no I was not drinking, but dead tired.  In any case, it wasn’t until 7AM in the morning after I texted Tony Foxx to confirm our photo shoot today that I realized that I didn’t have my keys (but how did I get in my place?).

Anyways, Tony agreed that we could photo shoot (for his composite card) in the area around my condo, I would just blur out the background.  All was going well until we got to the pool.  Again, I did not have my keys, so we planned just to jump the fence.  Tony made it over and as I got to the top of the fence, a humongous dude came out from the corner and I fell backwards but landed safely on the ground thanks to my martial arts training!

The humongous dude nicely opened the gate so I could just walk in but he then proceeded to follow Tony around like a little lost porkified puppy.  OMG, I had the giggles!  I could not concentrate on the shoot as honestly this guy literally said over and over again, “You know what’s sexy?  Butt crack!”  Here Tony and I are, two very sexy but two very straight men, and only Tony was getting hit on!  Why wasn’t I?  LMAO!

Ok, so as I started shooting, I sprayed Tony down with some water I put in a glass cleaner spray bottle.  Well wouldn’t you know it, when Tony started to dry out, Dominique (I know that’s not how you spell it for a guy (Dominic) and we really never knew what his name was nor did we care) offered to spray Tony.  Who was I to refuse such a wonderful offer?  I couldn’t stop giggling so I knew this last set we were doing was a goner, so I just took photos of Dominique spraying, suggesting poses and tugging on Tony. 😀

In the end it got really weird because Tony actually said, “Hey, take a photo of my butt crack.”  WTF?!?  Of course I did not, because I am a man and we made our way out the pool area after Tony covered himself with Dominique’s algae blue towel.  When we got to my place which had remained unlocked because of my keys not being with me, I ask Tony, “Why did you want me to take a photo of your buttocks?”  His reply was “I don’t want to talk about it anymore, and we never will.”

But I will talk about his crazy-ass roommate Kari Dee whatever her last name is who won some stupid unknown beauty pageant.  How dare you say I can’t take a photo of some weird ass girl running around on my bed, when I can take photos of a bullet going through a balloon without AI assistance, or capture a hummingbird going from one flower bush to the next…Who runs around on top of a king size bed when a photographer asks you to stand still?  Who brings other outfits to a shoot after it’s agreed upon what outfits will be worn?  Who uses a new soap they’ve never tried the day before  and still has the audacity to show up for a photo shoot when their skin has turned a horrific red color and then expects the photographer to fix it in photoshop all the while running around the top of the bed when you should be posing?  I have been published in over 150 internationally printed magazines not web, with a production line of no less than 35,000 copies each, several billboards in Las Vegas and numerous signage here, in Washington DC and Atlanta GA.  I am still contracted by Washington Post and Atlanta Journal Constitution newspapers to shoot sporting and local events in Las Vegas area when needed..obviously the little pageant you won didn’t even make a blip on the radar map anywhere on the east coast, let alone internationally.  Who are you to state I can’t capture a photo?  How dare you question my skills when I easily captured your roommate who bared his butt today because of peer pressure when he went parkour-ing over a hummer a few months ago.  How Dare You?!?  Also, there is a thing called Pro-Active, use it!


Tony Foxx

The image above was taken obviously with multiple shots.  It took Tony only three tries to get it perfect.  Below you can see the video of us actually shooting and also the unedited file (which some like more than the above image).

Tony Foxx