ysania agurcia

If there is a model that can just ask me to shoot her on short notice, it’s Ysania.  I f’ing love this girl…no not that way, but she’s one of the easiest models to work with.  Anyways, here are the images we got shooting in the shirts she was requested to shoot in from Oh Geez!  Below is her video testimonial on how our shoot went.  She was spot on with how things transpired, LOL!

Two straight weeks of shooting with Ysania?  Yes please!  90% of the time we’re giggling about something stupid (mostly something about me) but when we actually decide to put some effort into getting photographs, she always looks fantastic!  The behind the scenes photos of her giggling crack me up the most.  I’ll put those up in a different post but again, I love working with her!  More images to follow in a few days!


MichaelMPerez.com Photography - Ysania

Pretty much since the beginning of 2013, I haven’t really been focusing on shooting models. They still ask but most of the time I just send them to my site and I never hear from them again (LOL, that’s because I send them so they can see my rates). I’m sure they can find a great photographer on MM, OMP, etc. I’ve also been focused more on weddings and engagements.

With HTH just around the corner, I decided to email Ysania to make sure this year she got into the contest, because I always wondered why in the four years since I’ve known her, she never submitted. Anyways, we started sending messages back and forth and when she asked me if I could shoot with her tomorrow (which was the 22th of May), I immediately said yes, knowing perfectly well I had another shoot scheduled the day she wanted to shoot, so I emailed that client and rescheduled it for next week.

Anyways, this was going to be a long blog posting but upon further reflection all I will say is I was super ass rusty at shooting models, and the photos only turned out great because of Ysania.

As photos are updated, they will be put on this page :)




Wow, though I haven’t worked with Ysania in about 2 years, she’s still hot as ever!  This was a rather quick shoot, she just wanted some photos of herself to put up on Facebook.  I ended up using her for my Facebook cover photo as well.  Still one of the nicest models I’ve ever worked with.  Hope you all like the photos, I’ll post more some time after the new year when I’ve caught up with all the weddings/photo shoots, etc.

Have a wonderful 2013!