Nevada Wedding License

How to Obtain Your Nevada Marriage License

To obtain your license to get married in Nevada, both parties must appear in person with proof of identity and age (driver’s license, passport, etc.) at the Regional Justice Center in downtown Las Vegas @ 201 Clark Avenue.  They are open every day from 8am to Midnight, including all holidays.
The main telephone number is 702.671.0600.  The fee for a license is $60.00 (cash only) and they will hand you your license then and there.  You are not required to take a blood test and there is no waiting period in the state of Nevada.   The marriage license is good for one year after it’s issued.  It is important that all documents given to you be brought to the ceremony.  The license will be given to the minister to file so you can receive your official wedding certificate.

Minimum Age

18 is the minimum age for both men and women to be married without parental in Clark County, Nevada.  A birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license is required to show proof of age. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, the consent of a parent or guardian is needed. Proof of age is necessary and proof of identity of person or persons giving consent may also be required. The legal guardian(s) must provide proof of appointment by the court. If a parent or guardian are not present, a notarized affidavit stating name, age, place of birth and relationship of person(s) giving consent. For persons under the age of 16, a Nevada Court Order must be obtained.

Pre-Apply for Marriage License Online

You can pre-apply for your marriage license by going on-line by clicking here.